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well i know that's it a wonderful world.....

it has been about 4 months since my last post.
and i'm guessing nobody is going to read this.
but im exceptionally bored,
so what-ev, i'll write a little posty post.

im in syracuse, new york right now.
going to college.
being all smart and such.
it's so strange being a college student.
i don't know anybody here.
so it's hard to adjust.
i've been here for a little over a month.
it still feels like summer camp.
im still very much wrapped up in everything going on back home.
i miss everybody in ridiculous amounts.
i won't let those people go.
i don't want to.
classes aren't that bad.
i actually enjoy a few of them.
my roommate situation on the other hand blows.
we won't be friends. 
we don't hang out.
it's just generally awkward.
all my friends live down the hill from me.
so i stay in their dorm more than often.
and i've gone back to my old ways.
of getting drunk, hooking up, and then excepting more.
i'm ridiculous, seriously.
but i guess i can say that im okay.
i loooooove the james morrison song wonderful world.
it completely pertains to my life.
i've been thinking about boys back home.
a whole lot.
which i think is jsut because of the rejection
i got from a boy here.
i guess we will see what happens when i come home.
which is ridiculously soon.
i've quite excited about it.
i miss everybody very very much.
kelsey & baillie the very most.
i've been missing christian, david, and stuart
a lot lately.
which is strange, but what-ev.
it's gonna be weird to be home and not see
abby, danielle, lora, and brooke.
i guess that's generally it.
i want the new motion city soundtrack cd.
and the new jimmy eat world cd.
and the matchbox 20 cd.
i'm a crazy girl.
and i love beer now apparently.

ps. I'm going to the The Academy Is..., Sherwood, and The Rocket Summer concert in Novemeber.
with Kelsey and Baillie.

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